Eva's Grace Foundation, Inc. - 'Charging the World To Pay It Forward'
College Minded & Destined to Succeed!!

Our youth have decided, and are planning their educational journey on purpose!!
We pray that you too are, take our short Questionnaire & post your college plan!

1. My grade point average is 3.0+, if not, I'm studying to increase it.

2. I have a tutor in classes that are difficult for me to understand.

3. I'm on track for scholarship search, and have 3 college choices.


La'Marique, Treasurer: "Stay above the influence of alcohol/drugs & drive to arrive alive!"             

Joshua, President: "Don't talk on cellphone while driving to arrive alive!"

Quantanieze, Vice President: "Wear your seat belt while driving to arrive alive!"
Jenavie, Secretary: "Please obey all the rules of the road while driving to arrive alive!"

"2013 Drive to ARRIVE ALIVE Campaign"
Challenge to Teen Drivers, and New Drivers!
Take the  MBK/MSK S.A.D.D.  Chapter Oath to DRIVE Safe & Practice Safe Driving at All Times!  
'I, (your name), do hereby solemnly affirm that I will obey the rules of the road.  I will not text or talk on my cellphone while driving, unless using a blue tooth devise. I will drive sober of alcohol /drugs. I will drive courteously with respect of life & property.' 
    Thank you for taking the Oath, please invite your family  & friends to take the oath also.  We invite you to sign our guest book! Have a safe day!
        Parents, we encourage you to keep your children engaged with reading, math challenges, and positive extra-curricular activities!!

It takes a village to raise a child, know your village mentees! 
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Black lives matter, 
Financial Literacy is key! 
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